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JJ Virgin


My team and I help people age 40+ lose the weight and keep it off, so they look and feel better than ever.

So where were you in the ‘80s?

I was traveling around the world teaching aerobics, complete with pastel leotards, spandex tights, and leg warmers. (It’s okay to laugh – I do every time I see the pics!)

Soon I owned a gym and became one of the very first personal trainers in LA. It was just me and Body by Jake, out there teaching people how to eat right and get fit.

And that’s when I realized we were doing it all wrong.

That was back in the days of low-fat cottage cheese, whole wheat bread, and counting calories. But some of my celebrity clients still couldn’t seem to lose the weight! I’ll be honest: I assumed they were cheating. So I called their bluff! I took them on a luxurious spa getaway, where I could monitor everything they ate and all their activities. Guess what happened? Some of the participants dropped pounds, just as expected. But some of them didn’t see the scale shift at all – one or two even gained weight! That’s when the light bulb went off.

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