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Scott Foley

Scott Foley is an actor, director and screenwriter. He is known for roles in television shows such as The Unit, Felicity and Scandal, and in films such as Scream 3. He also guest starred in series including Dawson’s Creek, House, Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy.

Scott joins Lisa to talk about  his personal story about his late mother and her recurrent ovarian cancer and about his career, including his most recent role in the ABC show Whiskey Cavalier. 

Not on My Watch is a movement that seeks to empower women with ovarian cancer who have had a recurrence(s) and responded to chemotherapy to no longer “watch and wait” for their disease to return. Instead, they and their loved ones can take an informed and active role in extending the time in response and delay recurrence by talking with their healthcare providers about maintenance therapy.

Help spread the word by sharing Cobie and Scott’s PSA videos with your friends and family. Every time either video is shared, TESARO will donate $5 to ovarian cancer patient organizations.

With a minimum donation of $85,000, we honor the 85% of women with advanced ovarian cancer who will experience a recurrence.1 And with your support, we can achieve our maximum donation of $222,000 to acknowledge each of the 222,000 women affected by this disease in the US.2


Scott shares his personal story about his late mother and her recurrent ovarian cancer

in this very candid and emotion filled interview. Scott also talks about his fun new television show, “Whiskey Cavalier.”