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Caroline Goodner – Curoxen – all-natural, organic first aid ointment

When we were kids, our parents treated minor wounds, cuts and scrapes with a sympathetic hug and a dab of antibiotic ointment. The problem is, those ointments just don’t work very well. But now there’s CUROXEN, an all-natural, organic first aid ointment proven to be over 5X more effective at killing bacteria than any other product on the market today — including those bestselling old favorites — making it a game changer in the stagnant over-the-counter (OTC) first aid market.

Based in Austin, TX, OrganiCare was founded in January 2016 by two serial entrepreneurs, each with their own incredible track record of business success. CEO Caroline Goodner was founder and CEO of two genetics companies and CEO of a consumer products company specializing in health and wellness products for new moms. Chairman David Shockley is a biologist focused on the technology and innovation side of the medical device industry. However, disruption in a mature market space takes more than a mission statement. OrganiCare is well positioned to lead the charge. The company has spent years developing their first product to hit the US market, an all-natural and organic first aid ointment, CUROXEN.